Dimerco Express Group has announced strong and sustained growth with 2017 sales revenues up by 9.7% over the previous year and increased business in China & Hong Kong and Europe, where figures were up by 17.2% and 19% respectively.

The results of the company’s continued success were shared at Dimerco Express Group’s Annual Management Meeting on 23rd February, where the company also celebrated the 40th anniversary of the founding of Dimerco Express Philippines, Inc. in Manilla.

Opening the meeting, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Edward Lin noted the historical milestones achieved by Dimerco and highlighted the company’s achievements. “Dimerco Express Philippines, Inc. was established in 1978, and as Dimerco positioning the company as ‘Your China & ASEAN Logistics Specialist’, today our regional network includes 36 owned offices, spanning 9 countries in Southeast Asia,” he said.

Changes announced in 2017, relocating key staff, have driven new opportunities in buoyant regions, including China & Hong Kong as well as Europe, which are reflected in the company’s strong growth figures.

In addition to presenting the company’s considerable achievements, Founder and Chairman of Dimerco, Mr. Paul Chien, outlined strategic plans for digital technology development and confirmed Dimerco’s commitment to integrate the latest cloud networking technology with mobile smart logistics to continue to provide customers with the leading-edge, cost-efficient and seamless service they have come to expect from Dimerco.
Spelling out how Dimerco intends to meet and overcome new challenges ahead in 2018, Mr. Lin emphasized the company’s strong track record in IT capability and the importance of its core competency.

“We are rightly proud of our achievements to date,” he said. “Following our values of professionalism, teamwork and flexibility, we will continue to focus on growth and look forward to another prosperous year ahead.”