The leading enabler of the digitized supply chain, Nexxiot, is now an official partner of Unilode Aviation Solutions. The aim of this cooperation is to implement a globally unique project: the entire fleet of Unilode loading devices is to be digitized within the next 18 months. All ULDs (Unit Load Device) of the fleet will be equipped with Bluetooth sensors. The data will then be processed, analyzed and made available by Nexxiot for Unilode. This enables, for the first time anywhere in the world, continuous, automated tracking of ULDs both on the ground and in the air. Both companies now signed a contract to further strengthen their existing cooperation.

“The strategic partnership with Unilode is an important step for us in scaling our business model. For the first time, we are now developing solutions to digitize the air freight market and make the handling of ULDs transparent worldwide. We achieve this by combining freight and movement data. Our extensive experience in the rail segment has helped us to master the problems in the air freight industry,” says Nexxiot CEO Helmut Kaspers.

Benoît Dumont, CEO of Unilode Aviation Solutions, also welcomes the cooperation: “We are very diligent in selecting our partners and have high standards for the companies we cooperate with. After a long review, it turned out that Nexxiot is currently the only supplier worldwide with whom we can implement this kind of project in such a short time. That’s why we’ve brought Nexxiot on board as a strategic partner and benefit from the company’s vast expertise in the digitization of large fleets.”

The first joint trials between the two companies have been running since September 2018. By the beginning of 2021, all 125,000 ULDs supported by Unilode will be fitted with a digital twin. Currently, around 10,000 ULDs are already equipped with the corresponding Bluetooth technology and can be activated digitally by Nexxiot. For the first time, Nexxiot is now working independently of its own sensors and will thus integrate external data on its platform.

Differentiation of the Unilode business model

In addition, Nexxiot has developed and currently maintains a neutral user interface for Unilode where customers can view the data of their ULDs and use various services such as ULD location, temperature-, shock-, light- and humidity measurement as well as inflight tracking. Based on the new partnership, the company will be able to offer spot leasing for load carriers in the future. Pooling of ULDs will also be simplified.

“Working with Nexxiot gives us a new perspective on our global fleet. We want to pass on the transparency we have gained by offering new services that are fully tailored to the needs of our customers,” says Benoît Dumont.

“As we work with the technologically most advanced solutions, we enable our customers to differentiate their existing business models. We accompany and advise them right from the start. From idea development and implementation to monetization and beyond, we support our customers as a strategically independent partner,“explains Helmut Kaspers.