The globally renowned brand DHL, and their logistics arm DHL Freight continues to grow its partnership with Baxter Freight. The Nottingham-based freight forwarder works closely with businesses in the UK and across the globe to find the right solution to move their goods and overcome customs barriers. This partnership will support companies who are moving goods from the UK to Europe with more routes and options to reach their customers and stay competitive in the European marketplace. 

Baxter Freight was initially named the UK partner for DHL Freight in 2020. With four years of steady sales growth, within pallet and groupage freight, the partnership has strengthened to offer UK businesses the opportunity to move any volume of shipment with a globally recognised brand, receiving the localised dedicated service from the Baxter Freight team. 

British businesses are still feeling the impact of trading with Europe post-Brexit. Customs regulations are creating an administrative burden for companies, who previously didn’t need to worry about filling in forms and having the correct documentation in place, resulting in a skills gap in customs knowledge and a reduced confidence to trade within the EU. 

Baxter Freight was one of the early trailblazers of overcoming the customs barriers, created by Brexit, and the DHL partnership was key to supporting UK businesses to stay ahead of their competitors based in mainland Europe. DHL Freight is one of the leading road freight providers in Europe with warehouses and hubs that can reach 95% of business addresses in the EU.  


“Baxter Freight works with some of the UK’s most well-loved brands and the DHL partnership has helped us create solutions that keep them competitive in the European marketplace.  

In the fast-paced world of logistics, customers expect fast delivery times without compromising on service. Our team here at Baxter Freight helps our customers to overcome issues with customs documentation, while also providing the best routing options and tracking.  

This partnership has also benefitted smaller British brands who need a value-driven solution and the support of an Account Manager to assist with the most complex challenges logistics can throw at them.” Peter Isler, Managing Director Baxter Freight 

“Since Brexit, our partnership with Baxter Freight has grown step by step. Baxter Freight provides a strong commercial team which stands for a personal and “local” service, facilitating smoother beginnings, operations, and expansions in international shipping. Meanwhile, DHL Freight UK leverages our extensive ‘global’ network, guaranteeing safety, speed, and solutions.” Thomas Vogel, COO DHL Freight. 

Baxter Freight continues to grow, recruiting more Account Managers to offer customers, UK businesses, dedicated support and consultancy to provide the confidence to trade with Europe again. 

Source: baxter freight