DG International has established a relationship with the United States Postal Service (USPS) pursuant to USPS’ Global Direct Entry (GDE) Wholesaler program.

DG International met the standard of criteria set out by the USPS, demonstrating its service to customers sending international inbound shipments and parcels to the United States.

Packages that weigh up to 70lbs/32kg may be sent to the United States via DG International. Certain levels of service include tracking and are provided with no fuel surcharge, making this an ideal offering for retailers making home deliveries to United States-based customers.

James Appleby, managing director at DG International, says: “Our relationship with USPS means we can offer a reliable and affordable 6-10 day tracked shipping service into the United States, and a 2-4 day domestic option in the United Kingdom. The United States is a crucial market for many of our customers and a key focus area of growth for DG International. We are thrilled we have established a relationship with USPS to participate in their GDE Wholesaler program.

“Alongside USPS, we now offer our customers USPS® postage rates along with paperless dispatch, tracking, US customs clearance and final destination delivery. A complete end-to-end service, reducing shipping costs for customers and increasing their sales potential.”

The relationship allows DG International to be listed as a GDE Wholesaler on the USPS website and to obtain leads from USPS.

For more information on DG International’s inclusion in USPS’ GDE Wholesaler program, please visit the website [https://wearedg.com/]