deugro is complementing its Web-based supply chain management system with the deugro visiotrack app. The app is available for all iOS- and Android-based mobile phones and enables real-time access to shipment-relevant information.

Successful supply chain management relies on accurate and complete milestone information available at all time. deugro’s Web-based supply management system deugro visiotrack offers such information on a 24/7 basis. The digital platform provides clients with a complete overview of all data when they need it most—to ensure quality, process efficiency and effective communication between all parties involved.

deugro visiotrack has been developed by software architects based on the profound logistics knowledge and experience of deugro experts. Instant 24/7 global access to all information related to purchase orders and shipments, summarized via customizable dashboards, enables transparency throughout the complete supply chain. Budget control, both predictive analytics and solid financial forecasting, as well as potential cost and time savings, are just a few of the advantages deugro
visiotrack offers.

In addition, the track and trace feature in deugro visiotrack provides an overview of shipment milestones as well as data on distance traveled. The tracking allows users to obtain real -time shipment information via a safe link, without needing to log in. The built-in functionality enables users to interact and communicate with clients directly using the embedded “Share” button, which sends the tracking link by e-mail, chat function or WhatsApp. To further the universal nature of deugro
visiotrack, information can be shared using common office software standards.

The newly released app expands the versatility of deugro visiotrack with true mobile access to information and functionality such as the scanning of barcodes or QR code labels and the uploading of pictures and documents without the need for access to a computer.

“The deugro visiotrack app offers even more convenient access to the Web-based system and helps to increase efficiency even further,” said Mario Hess, Senior Vice President – Oil & Gas Logistics, deugro. “At deugro, we always strive to leverage state-of-the-art IT solutions and bring value to our clients. The deugro visiotrack app is the essence of all of this.”

The application will be continuously extended to give access to many deugro services directly on iOS- or Android-based mobile phones.