Delta Cargo customers with temperature-sensitive shipments can now use the airline’s Pharma 4 program to reach eight additional destinations across the airline’s broad network, including Bogota, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney, Sao Paolo, Frankfurt and Seoul.

With this expansion, Delta now has 49 Pharma stations around the globe, in addition to nine approved facilities across Europe that the airline operates in conjunction with its partners.

One of four temperature-sensitive shipping options that Delta offers, Pharma 4 is the ideal solution for products that need to be shipped at room temperature, such as prescription drugs and some biotechnology products.

Delta’s ground handling partner in Hong Kong, in addition to being CEIV certified, is providing another layer of quality and service control to customers as it is has attained a GDP certification commending the Hong Kong facility.

In July 2017, Delta became the first U.S. global passenger carrier to receive the International Air Transport Association’s CEIV Pharma logistics certification, which was awarded to the company at the headquarters level and additionally at Delta’s largest Cargo operation, located in Atlanta. Delta continues to make significant investments in Pharma facilities to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards and to meet customer needs.