Leading UK independent freight forwarder, Davies Turner, is undertaking a complete renewal of its domestic distribution vehicle fleet, operating from its main regional distribution hubs in the UK.

Davies Turner offers a collection and delivery service throughout mainland UK, via its own in-house controlled nationwide distribution network.

The company’s new vehicles include 7.5, 12 and 18-tonners, which have been contract-hired rather than outright purchased. This gives Davies Turner greater flexibility over future renewal options, and doesn’t tie-up capital in depreciating assets.

All the new vehicles carry Davies Turner’s new livery, which has been specially-designed to commemorate the company’s 150th anniversary in 2020.

This includes a logo celebrating 150 years of service since 1870, as well as a recently introduced national customer service telephone number that incorporates the year in which Davies Turner was originally established.

Philip Stephenson, Chairman of Davies Turner says: “Despite the economic and operating uncertainties arising from the Brexit process, business goes on and our investments on all fronts continue.

“Our decision to renew our domestic distribution fleet shows that Davies Turner remains committed to investing in such equipment whatever the future of international trade holds in store.

“That is something we have always done since the business was first created in 1870, through all the political and economic cycles affecting our international freight and logistics activities. ”