Recent proposals that dashboard camera footage be submitted as evidence to police in an effort to crack down on ‘lunatic’ drivers are welcome measures, as long as they respect driver privacy and are not published in ‘naming and shaming; attempts, says the Road Haulage Association.

“Anything that helps with the day-to-day running of a business, and that keeps insurance costs down, is beneficial,” said RHA Technical Director Steve Biddle speaking on BBC Radio Scotland.

“More and more companies and operators are using dashboard cameras as a way to provide evidence in accidents. HGV drivers sometimes get bad press for their driving but they get cut up on the road as much as anyone and having visual support for insurance claims is vital”.

Drivers are, of course, entitled to their privacy, but dash cam footage has been proven useful time and time again in helping to get the correct outcome for victims of incidents on the road.

“This footage should only be used in support of drivers who have been involved in an incident on the road,” stressed Steve Biddle. “We will not support whatsoever any attempt to use dash cams to ‘name and shame’ drivers, and publishing footage for that reason is completely unacceptable. It is important to us that we find a happy balance here.”