Danir 19 are pleased to share the recent charter of a fully loaded IL-76 aircraft.

Valds Stunzha at Danir 19 comments; “Adapting to new market conditions during the pandemic is an important aspect of the situation in which logistics companies have to work now. In an unpredictable situation when the borders for land transport may be closed and the cargo must be delivered without delay, air transportation is an excellent solution.

As part of a large project of a hydro plant rehabilitation, our team successfully organised the air charter transportation of a fully loaded IL-76 aircraft, holding 43,400kg (80cbm) of equipment, from China to Kyrgyzstan.”

Their scope of work included:

  • Creation of a master packing list for planning air transportation;
  • Selection of an aircraft suitable for all technical parameters necessary for loading & transportation;
  • Preparation of Method Statement for the client containing description & explanation of all planned procedures for the transportation of cargo;
  • Preparation of technical documentation for loading & transportation;
  • Booking of a suitable aircraft & preparing accompanying documents;
  • Customs formalities for cargo departure;
  • On time pre-carriage of cargo by road transport to the departure airport in Tianjin, China (TSN);
  • Arrangement of loading operations at the departure airport;
  • Operations survey & cargo inspection at the departure airport;
  • Transportation of fully loaded aircraft from Tianjin Airport (TSN) to Bishkek Airport (FRU);
  • Arrangement of unloading operations at the arrival airport in Bishkek;
  • Operations survey & cargo inspection upon arrival to airport in Bishkek;
  • Customs formalities upon arrival of cargo to Bishkek Airport;
  • Arrangement of transshipment procedures in Bishkek Airport;
  • Delivery of cargo by road transport to final destination.

An excellent example from Danir 19 of a well-prepared and executed multimodal (road – air – road) project in which the correct logistics solutions helped the client to receive the cargo in the shortest possible time (transit time for air transportation was less than 26 hours) at a time when the borders for road transport are closed.

  • From China to Kyrgyzstan
  • Intermodal Transportation by Road/Air/Road Transport
  • Cargo Description: Equipment
  • Gross Weight: 43,400kg
  • Quantity: 20 Wooden Boxes
  • Volume: 80cbm
  • Aircraft: IL-76