The expansion follows the operational growth in Paraná’s capital,
a vital and growing trading center
São Paulo, April 29, 2020 – Dachser Brazil, a global supply chain & logistics provider, has opened a new office in Curitiba as part of its commitment to expand its presence at critical regional Brazilian markets as well as further enhance its Latin American network. The capital and largest city in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Curitiba is one of the main import and export centers in the country.
According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the state of Paraná has the 5th largest economy of Brazil and is responsible for roughly 6% of Brazilian GDP. About 15% of Paraná’s GDP comes from agriculture and another 40% from industry with the remaining 45% from the service sector.

The main products exported were soybeans (18.73%), meat & poultry (10.50%), sugar (8.09%), soybean meal (8.00%) and corn (6.36%). The main economic activities are agriculture (sugarcane, corn, soybeans, coffee, tomato), industry (agribusiness, automotive, and paper) and plant extraction (wood and yerba mate). In 2019, Curitiba ranks 18th for imports and 24th for exports in Brazil. It is also among the top cities which leads in exports and imports of Paraná.

The state has the largest network of highways and paved roads in southern Brazil, according to Paraná’s Secretary of Sport and Tourism. There are approximately 13,750 kilometers of paved highways, standing out BR-277 (Grande Estrada) and BR-376 (Rodovia do Café / Contorno Sul), which connects Paraná’s far northwest to Santa Catarina and the state of São Paulo to the southern region of the country, respectively.

For over 10 years, Dachser Brazil; has maintained a strong foothold in the country; linking its air and sea transport capabilities with the region´s potential for road transportation. “Due to this steady growth, Dacher’s new office in Curitiba is key to better serving our customers in Brazil and further supporting this critical regional market as the premier supply chain and logistics resource,” says João Paulo Caldana, Managing Director, Dachser Brazil.

Further, Brazil’s main distribution networks intersect at Curitiba, connecting neighboring states and the Port of Paranaguá. The port is roughly 90 kilometers from the capital and moves millions of tons of goods throughout Latin America. In addition, São José dos Pinhais airport, located in Curitiba’s metropolitan area, operates international flights, air cargo and large aircraft.

The new office opening will result in numerous benefits to customers in Curitiba, including enhanced global freight forwarding services and end-to-end multimodal solutions, direct access to local personnel with industry experience and expertise, and expanded regional access to a variety of logistics services.
“Dachser Brazil continues to provide its customers with a fully integrated supply chain. Our goal is to strengthen our local and regional activities: sea and air transportation, storage and freight network. Further, this investment in Curitiba clearly demonstrates our dedicated commitment to serving our customers in Brazil with expert supply chain and logistics solutions,” comments Mr. Caldana.

This office expansion in Paraná’s capital follows other office openings around Latin America, with the company’s recent Brazilian headquarters in the port city of Santos and new offices in the capitals of Argentina and Chile in August 2019.