UK businesses could be losing up to £180bn per year due to machine downtime. That’s according to a study by Oneserve.

The supply chain heavily relies on technology and cog-turning processes to operate smoothly. As you can imagine, this can become problematic, time consuming and unproductive when machines incur damage or develop issues. Broken or faulty parts could mean that machines are left idle for any number of days whilst waiting to be repaired. In fact, it has been estimated that three per cent of all working days that are lost annually, specifically in the manufacturing sector, are as a result of faulty machinery.

Another issue factories and manufacturers may face when machines are out of action is the difficulty of accessing replacement parts. For businesses that don’t run on weekends and bank holidays, that downtime can delay the process even more, potentially affecting the productivity of the entire workplace. Unscheduled maintenance and breakages could mean that parts ordered later in the week will not be delivered over the weekend, increasing the chances of not arriving until the following week. This can be bad news for businesses, as this knock-on effect often significantly increases the time for which that manufacture is halted.

Furthermore, it’s not just manufacturers who are suffering from the impact of this: SMEs are also feeling the strain caused by vehicle downtime. This is due to their vehicles being out of action for servicing and maintenance. Not only does this incur a cost implication for businesses, but their inability to resume with regular service could potentially cause concerns amongst the customer base.

So, how can businesses cut the cost of the downtime?

Access to a flexible and 24/365 operational logistics partner could be the answer that businesses are looking for. Standard response times of 60 minutes and both same-day and through-the-night services (including weekends and bank holidays) could significantly reduce the delay and cost of downtime. A simpler answer? Crown Couriers. Working to keep businesses in operation, Crown have a fleet of over 500 drivers based across the country, who are ready to deliver the right part into the right hands, exactly when it’s needed. Thanks to a dedicated service, deliveries are taken directly to their drop-off point. So, if that means being signed for by a specific person, Crown complies.

If your business is potentially susceptible to the impact of machine downtime, Crown Couriers has experience in working across a wide range of sectors to cater to urgent delivery requirements, from aviation, healthcare and manufacturing to automotive. This could be the golden solution that keeps your business up and running when a spanner hits the works.

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