Covered car transport services have traditionally been associated with the prestige end of the market. It has long been the favoured method for transporting vehicles such as liveried racing cars, prestige and classic cars, and open top cars. There are several benefits that lend appeal:

  • Secure from theft or damage
  • Protection from the elements
  • Highly customised routing possible

The Cost-Effective Covered Option – Car Containerisation

Engaging the services of a specialist covered car transport company does not always come cheap. It is also not really suitable for volume consignments and not cost effective for long distance transport. Enter the containerisation option. Our R-RAK delivers the capability to significantly increase the number of cars that you are able to transport in each container, which slashes unit transportation costs while at the same time improving safety standards.

Multi-Car Covered Transport In Containers

Once the cars have been loaded and positioned inside the container on the R-RAK system, they are perfectly secured for their journey and will not need to be unloaded or inspected again until the container reaches its destination. That may be a multi-segment journey, by any or all of sea, rail and road. There is no costly transporter adding to the costs every day and the container is trans-shipped onwards at each stage.

Just like a luxury covered transporter, the cars are protected from inclement weather and ingress of detritus. Being concealed within the container also means that their presence, identity and potential value are not advertised to any casual observer. Containerisation is an extremely safe and secure transportation method to which a client’s cars can be entrusted to reach any point across the globe.

Fast Car Loading Capability Reduces Handling Time

Added to the fact that the cars do not need to be unloaded until journey’s end is the additional benefit that loading them is also very fast. The R-RAK components are quickly and easily installed inside the container in a matter of minutes. Then each car in turn is loaded and secured in position. Depending on the size and number of cars, and the size of the container, some will be secured to the floor of the container while others will be elevated into the roof space. It is normal for four cars to be loaded and secured inside a 40 foot container in 55 minutes.

Space Optimisation Reduces Unit Costs

In some cases ,container transport is not quite as cheap as bulk RoRo ocean going ships but it is significantly faster and a great deal more flexible as regards potential destinations and routing. Unit cost per car is critical and the R-RAK system optimises space utilisation to the maximum possible. Options are available for transporting knocked down cars also. The SKD-RAK configuration enables vehicles with no means of self-propulsion, or with no wheels, to be transported efficiently into any container using the same space optimisation techniques.

How To Take Advantage Of This Cost Saving Capability

Covered car transport using containerisation is a very affordable option with the introduction of Trans-Rak’s R-RAK system. Find out more about how it works by downloading our free eBook The Containerised Car transport Guide.