New drayage solutions provider opens capacity in Charleston, Chicago and Savannah

ContainerPort Group (CPG®), a top ten drayage provider in the United States, is expanding its motor carrier network with the introduction of Bristol Transportation, a newly launched drayage provider operating in Charleston, SC; Chicago, IL; and Savannah, GA. The launch of Bristol strengthens CPG’s nationwide trucking solutions by adding capacity for customers in major port markets experiencing rising import volumes.

“Expanding the CPG network with the opening of Bristol Transportation in these strategic locations will help us cater to the shift we are seeing in diverting cargo away from the West Coast and pushing volumes up in the East and Gulf coasts,” said Joey Palmer, President of CPG. “Investing in solutions that address the supply chain challenges that our customers are facing demonstrates our tireless commitment to ensuring we are bringing solutions to the table that meet the goals of our customers and owner operators alike.”

Bristol Transportation provides port and inland drayage capacity solutions serving three key transportation markets — Charleston, SC; Chicago, IL; and Savannah, GA. Being part of CPG’s expanding network, Bristol Transportation is fully supported by ContainerPort Group’s proven expertise and strong reputation within the industry.

Additionally, Bristol Transportation offers industry-leading compensation and support for its owner operators, which results in loyal drivers who stay put and are committed to providing dedicated, reliable service for customers. In fact, Bristol Transportation cuts through the noise of notoriously competitive driver markets by offering dialed-up tech tools, driver-centric communications, and a best-in-class mobile application called DrayPal, which enables drivers to easily track settlements, safety scores, and meet financial goals.

“We do things differently at Bristol Transportation; it’s not your typical drayage company,” said Zach Hadden, Regional Director at Bristol Transportation. “We provide our drivers with the best compensation package on the market and 24/7 access to a wide range of support services that go far beyond what is offered by your typical trucking company. This strong support is what keeps our drivers engaged and ultimately results in better on-time delivery rates and top-notch customer service.”

With access to CPG’s best-in-class resources and building on more than five centuries of experience, Bristol Transportation can reliably meet demand with confidence by offering the following to its customers:

  • Secure yards with option for pre-pulls and storage
  • Company chassis, including tri-axels for handling overweight 20’s
  • Auto-generated reports from TMS system built specifically on customer’s parameters
  • Local and regional drayage
  • Long-haul trucking (OTR)
  • Overweight loads

Furthermore, Bristol Transportation has made a commitment to foster organic expansion, with the goal of opening a new facility every three months in the foreseeable future. In fact, the company has already grown significantly since launching in Charleston in October 2021 with three trucks. Today, Bristol Transportation has more than 40 trucks on the road in three key markets.

“With Bristol Transportation on board, CPG demonstrates our continuous commitment to serving market demand by growing our network — ensuring cargo travels quickly to, from, and within these critical markets,” Mr. Palmer said.