Early Tuesday morning, a container ship collision caused a section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore to collapse, sending vehicles into the Patapsco River, prompting a large-scale search-and-rescue operation, and closing the Port of Baltimore, a vital East Coast hub.

The ship, a Singapore-flagged vessel named The Dali, carried around 4,900 containers when it hit the bridge under pilotage, disrupting its journey from the U.S. to Sri Lanka as well as the operations at the port and the flow of traffic on surrounding roadways.

The closure of the bridge severed access between the port and shipping lanes, impacting freight transportation and commuter routes. Alternate routes for trucks were advised, though limitations on hazardous materials and vehicle sizes will apply.

Maryland’s governor declared a state of emergency, seeking federal assistance. The collision disrupted the vessel’s journey and port operations, affecting commerce and traffic flow.

The incident may divert containerized exports to other ports like Norfolk or New York/New Jersey, potentially causing delays and congestion. Despite this, the impact on overall container volumes at Baltimore is expected to be manageable.

All-Ways will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Source: ship all-ways