FTA has been very consistent in wanting to Keep Britain Trading by making sure that the logistics Industry can deliver whatever political solution for Brexit prevails, with or without a deal. It is clear that there is not time now to prepare for a no-deal Brexit on October 31st: there are many unanswered questions about how our borders should work, and no time to implement the answers even if decisions could be reached on important policy issues. Therefore, at this stage, leaving with a deal and the accompanying transition period for answering important questions and being prepared for the changes, is far preferable to a no deal Brexit on October 31st.

“While there is still a chance of a No Deal Brexit we urge Government to continue to respond to the critical questions and issues raised by FTA in our Logistics Dashboard. With big questions unanswered, and no time to prepare, The Logistics Industry is not ready for a no-deal Brexit on October 31st, and the impact on trade would likely be very significant.

“We will review the proposed deal carefully, and seek any clarifications and changes required by the Logistics Industry to deliver a successful Brexit.”