Comau, a global leader in advanced industrial automation products and solutions, and Exechon, an international company whose patented technologies are being used to develop advanced Parallel Kinematic Machine solutions, have joined forces to design and produce a new Comau machining center able to handle lightweight framing and structural components for multiple sectors with a particular focus on automotive, aerospace and electrification.
With the objective of spearheading a new machining paradigm able to handle large, complex aluminum parts, the companies have started a strategic cooperation. They will thus leverage their respective competencies to develop a concrete solution for their customers that can cost-effectively meet key drivers within the evolving machining market: the expanded use of lightweight components that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions; the growing importance of electrification for automotive manufactures; and the increasing degree of production complexity within the aerospace sector.

The joint project is further strengthened by the combination of Comau Machining’s globally recognized know how in systems integration and the in-depth management of complex lines, and Exechon’s innovative technology paradigm. As Time to Market, flexibility, and multiple parts management are non-negotiable, as is the need for Turn Key customization to meet specific project requirements, the joint expertise of both partners makes all the difference in terms of adding value for the customer. Exechon will develop the core of the new machine while Comau will leverage its forty-five years of industrial automation and integration experience to guarantee the best fit for each project.

“The importance of this project extends through to Comau’s ability to offer a 360° service connected to Electrification, with new lightweight machining centers as a central link,” explained Luca Ferrero COO of Comau Machining. “Coupling a lightweight approach in Machining with our body assembly competencies and battery assembly know how, we can now complete the value chain and deliver advanced solutions for battery case machining and more.”

“It has been an amazing year, as Comau and Exechon have jointly engaged in the extremely fast transition from conventional cars and planes to electrical and light weight design,” affirmed Karl Erik Neumann CEO – Inventor of the Tricept & Exechon PKM. “We’ve shown how combining our XMini machine with the automation skills of Comau and its people can change a manufacturing paradigm. We believe in the future, and we believe in a future with Comau.”

Backed by decades of innovation and technical excellence, Comau Machining means long term accuracy, reliability, flexible manufacturing processes and, most of all, complex projects integration capabilities. Its comprehensive product and services range includes machining centers, assembly & test equipment within a machining process or part of the line, thermal spray coating and material handling.