Working in partnership with SH Structures, Collett Transport, a leading provider of heavy transport solutions, successfully completed the delivery of the two wide bridge sections, each measuring 26 metres and 27 metres in length respectively and 4 metres in width, to complete the new Tan House footbridge project.

The transportation of these vital sections was executed flawlessly, with Collett’s in-house pilot vehicle fleet escorting the convoy throughout the entire route. The first leg of the bridge sections journey commenced from SH Structures facility in Sherburn-in-Elmet, where both wide loads were carefully loaded onto 3-axle triple extendable trailers equipped with rear steer capabilities and transported to Jack Tighes industrial coating facility in Doncaster.

Before embarking on the second leg of the journey, Collett conducted comprehensive site visits to strategise the route, identifying various street furniture such as traffic lights and road signs that would require removal.

Once loaded again at Jack Tighes, Collett set off to complete the second leg of the journey to Wokingham town centre. Given the challenging access through the town centre, it was imperative to schedule the delivery during daylight hours. Collett’s coordination with Balfour Beatty and Wokingham Borough Council facilitated a controlled road closure, guaranteeing the safety and efficiency of the transportation process.

In addition to two large bridge sections, Collett delivered additional components such as the bridge support collum’s and bridge step units that were to be delivered in line with the site construction schedule.

Andrew Kind, Sales & Estimating Manager from SH Structures stated:

Collett & Son worked closely with SH Structures as part of their supply chain to plan the delivery of the two parts of the bridge from our factory to the painters, plus to site.

Their meticulous eye for detail started at the swept path analysis, movement orders and the coordination with our client and Network Rail.

The deliveries arrived to site on time to enable the lifting of the structure onto the rail mounted bogies to work within the time constraints of the rail possession“.

This accomplishment underscores Collett’s commitment to delivering exceptional heavy transport solutions while prioritising safety, efficiency and stakeholder collaboration.

Source: collett transport