–        CEVA Logistics provides a full range of logistic services to Teksid, a world leader in the production of cast iron and automotive castings.

–        The two companies started working together in 2000 and have built their partnership ever since.

–        In 2020 both companies further extended their working relationship for another 12 months.


Marseille, France November 9th 2020, CEVA Logistics has celebrated twenty years of working with Polish company Teksid, a world leader in the production of cast iron and automotive castings and distributes some 65,000 tonnes of components and finished products to Poland and European locations.


From a factory in Skoczow near Bielsko-Biala in south west Poland Teksid produces almost 30% of the country’s ductile iron required for the automotive industry.


CEVA Logistics distributes the components and finished products made at the factory, amounting to some 65,000 tonnes, both nationally and to European locations including France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania and Slovakia.


With the growth of the partnership over the years since 2000, CEVA Logistics is now in charge of managing the warehousing of materials, finished goods and their efficient flow in the production process. This includes collecting components from suppliers across Poland and transporting them to site for the production process. Pre-production includes dry sand deliveries of up to 600 tonnes per month in tankers and coordinating operations at the local railroad siding for components arriving by rail.


Says CEVA Logistics’ Managing Director Easter Europe, Guillaume Sauzedde: “Milestone celebrations such as our two decades working with Teksid are important showcases of how working relationships can successfully grow and develop over the years. Working together in a highly collaborative way, we have shown the importance of long-term partnership and we are delighted to have been awarded another contract renewal”