Our ever-more connected world has opened the door to a new age of international courier services and freight forwarding.  Regardless of supply method, the advantages of being able to ship precious cargo in a cost-effective and reliable way has left consumers overjoyed.  Most life-altering changes have humble beginnings, and international courier services are no different.

For millennia, we have been shipping our goods around the globe and through each generation we have been coming up with new and exciting ways to do this.  Over the past decade the world has seen, perhaps, what could be described as the most convenient and exciting way in which we have been able to ship goods.  Automation and the technology involved has come a long way from physically having to run many miles and using homing pigeons to deliver important documents.

The rise of the internet during the early 90s has led to the incredibly versatile ways in which we send and receive goods.  Expert freight forwarders have created networks spanning the globe and with the evolution of transport this has meant that parcels can now be sent around the world in as little as one day. A win for businesses and consumers, and inevitable growth throughout the industry each year.

The introduction of courier resellers in the market place has made courier services much more affordable for both small businesses and individuals.  Demand for products in more remote corners of the world from these small businesses has led to an incredible rise in online orders and a more diverse range of options when it comes to courier services.

Resellers have made it possible for customers to quickly get a quote and have complex paperwork automatically generated for them, and the whole thing involves a far more cost-effective process of distribution.  It has become so cost effective, in fact, that most smaller courier services can be seen as a cheaper alternative to some of the staples in the international courier game such as Royal Mail.

Most would say that patience is a virtue.  This isn’t always the case, and with the consumers demanding more, freight forwarders around the world have continuously sought innovation to meet the request for cargo in a time-effective way.  New methods and technologies are still being invented and practised today, trying to meet the ever-growing standards that consumers and businesses around the world have now come to expect.

Visions of the future and how far our international courier grasp has come can be glimpsed at Amazon.  Their ideas behind drone logistics and same-day delivery has revolutionised both consumer and business life.  Within 30 minutes of your order being placed, your goods could be sat on your lawn or driveway, and with no end to technology’s growth within the freight forwarding and international courier sector I can’t imagine there is going to be an end to the innovations behind all this astounding progress.




The international courier sector really has come a long way, in a relatively short space of time, so anybody who isn’t excited about where this is going…well, they really should be.


Matt Dailly, Editor, FORWARDER magazine