Leading cloud technology specialist Car Delivery Network (CDN) has announced the launch of FleetConnect, a new ELD (Electronic Logging Device) app developed to enable trucking companies to comply with the Hours of Service (HOS) mandate, compulsory legislation shortly to come into force in the United States aimed at monitoring driving time and saving lives on the roads.

FleetConnect will be officially launched – and available on Apple and Google App Stores – on September 15th 2017, in the lead up to the introduction of the new legislation, set to take effect on December 18th 2017 and being introduced by the Federation of Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for carriers that are non-OBRD compliant.

The FleetConnect device engages automatically when the vehicle reaches minimum speed, switching into driving mode and must be reset by the driver to indicate an ‘on duty, not driving’ status. Each step of the load journey is automatically logged including when to park up and rest and importantly register when the maximum driving hours have been reached.

CDN has piloted the app with premier privately-owned OEM transportation logistics company, US AutoLogistics (USAL). As part of the process, USAL has now added a further 20 FleetConnect ELD units to their fleet, moving the company away from the traditional paper based logging system.

Derric Hicks, General Manager North America, comments:

“Electronic logging represents a new era of communication and connectivity between transportation companies and their drivers, signalling the end of recording key information on paper, which is both slow and less efficient. Companies piloting the software report that it supports improved time management and increased efficiency, while ensuring compliance.  The additional and immediate visibility it delivers allows fleet managers and transport planners to assess the capacity of each driver and ensure no-one exceeds their safe hours allowance.”

What will differentiate FleetConnect from other ELD solutions available is its potential to offer a much richer functionality going forward. Connecting to CDN’s cloud based suite of services, FleetConnect (FC) will ultimately provide real time reporting on current freight status, vehicle condition, and location visibility, plus additional freight opportunities and available driver time, as well as hours of service, making it a highly attractive investment.

“Initially, the FleetConnect product will support FMCSA compliance with additional reporting functionality” concludes Derric Hicks. “In the longer term, we will continue to develop the product as ELD is a cornerstone of CDN’s connected truck strategy.”

Product completion is scheduled for December 2018, well in advance of the 2nd part of the FMCSA mandate, which takes effect in December 2019.