Cargolux has once again shown its strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility with a series of initiatives that have gleaned impressive results. True to its “lean and green” philosophy, the airline has proven that through responsible approaches, it can remain a sustainable company for all its stakeholders while upholding its position as Global Cargo Carrier of Choice.

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Cargolux is keen to align its strategy and working methods with social responsibility and environmental awareness in line with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Luxembourg’s 2030 agenda. To ensure this ambitious project benefits all of the key players involved, the airline has also launched a 2017-2020 Stakeholder Engagement program that lists all the entities associated with the company, how they are affected by the operation and how their expectations can be met.

Loyal to its pioneering spirit, Cargolux has taken the initiative and placed itself at the forefront of a global movement geared towards greater sustainability. Its service offerings, partnerships and workplace evolution all reflect this growing environmental awareness and desire for responsible business: “Articulated around 14 core SDGs, initiatives were undertaken throughout 2017 to further improve global wellbeing for employees and communities affected by the company’s operations, reduce carbon footprint, and promote equal opportunity, while maintaining economic sustainability”, highlights Moa Sigurdardottir, Head of Corporate Communications.

Limiting the effects of its operation

As an all-cargo operator, Cargolux is aware of the effect of its operations on the environment and the surrounding communities. In order to reduce CO2 emissions and noise pollution, Cargolux has developed a number of initiatives such as reviewed flight procedures, fuel saving schemes and enhanced trucking management services. In 2017, the airline reduced its carbon footprint by 2.2%, outperforming IATA’s recommendation of 1.5% per year until 2020. Last month, Cargolux successfully passed the upgraded ISO 14001:2015 standard certification of its Environment Management System. The certification is based on following criteria; enhancement of environmental performance, fulfilment of compliance obligations, and achievement of environmental objectives, all of which have been well integrated in the company’s processes.

Improving internal processes

Waste reduction is also a key element in the Cargolux strategy with the extension of recycling schemes, and the development of a paperless working environment. The digitalization of processes across the company’s network have yielded a clear cutback in the volume of waste as the bold paperless project continues its expansion.

Choosing sustainable partners

As a global carrier, Cargolux aims to lead by example and make reasonable choices while upholding health and safety standards.  In addition to improving its own processes, the company also chooses its business partners to reflect its sustainable engagement. Cargolux is the first airline to have signed a deal to use the squAIR-timber product, an ingenious new cardboard beam solution made exclusively from 100% recycled components. This commodity is used for all pharmaceutical shipments out of Luxembourg and its light weight also contributes to fuel saving and consequently reduces carbon emissions. Cargolux has also entered a partnership with Skycell, a Swiss-based, award-winning provider of temperature-controlled container solutions that help to lower load weight for a positive environmental effect.  

In an industry such as this one, a little goes a long way and Cargolux has demonstrated that through improvements in all sectors, a sustainable future is possible for the environment as well as for business. As a global leader, the airline strives to be ahead of the market and always seeks the latest innovations and ideas to further cement its responsible engagement. The results achieved by Cargolux in terms of savings and carbon footprint reduction are remarkable and bear witness to the company’s commitment for a leaner, greener and quieter future.


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