CargoAi, a global leader in airfreight technology solutions, complements his existing marketplace & API solutions for forwarders & airlines by launching today a new feature named Air Freight Load Board. This innovative feature is designed to empower freight forwarders and carriers alike, streamlining the process of finding and securing available spot cargo with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

With the Air Freight Load Board, airlines can now access a comprehensive database of available freight, complete with detailed cargo specifications, all directly in their CargoMART Airline App.

Key Features of the Air Freight Load Board include:

  • Seamless Search Functionality: Effortlessly allowing users to browse through a wide range of available freight listings, tailored to specific preferences and requirements.
  • Direct Connection: Connecting directly with the right contacts, eliminating the need for intermediary communication and accelerating the booking process.
  • Real-Time Updates: Keeping users informed with real-time updates on available cargo.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Giving unparalleled visibility into the air freight market, enabling carriers to make informed decisions and optimize their operations.

“At CargoAi, we are committed to driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our customers.” said Matt Petot, CEO at CargoAi.

“With the launch of the Air Freight Load Board, we complete our value proposition allowing forwarders to manage spot requests across airlines, previously available, and now giving the airlines the ability to proactively find these opportunities – continuing our mission to revolutionize the way businesses connect and secure cargo, empowering them to find and win more volume with greater ease and efficiency than ever before.”

The CargoMART Airline App is already used by many airlines and GSAs locally and doesn’t require any API integration or lengthy configuration. After a quick online training, users can receive and manage their spot requests and answer thanks to the help of the augmented data provided. A full market analysis dashboard is also providing unprecedented insights on the market conditions, helping local sales to adjust their sales and pricing strategy.

The Air Freight Load Board is now available to airlines users, offering a game-changing solution to the challenges of modern air freight logistics.

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Source: CargoAi