• > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Freight forwarders can now book shipments to Qatar Airways Cargo’s extensive network in all corners of the world on cargo.one
  • > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > cargo.one offers customers the superior marketplace booking option – combining the airline’s outstanding reach with an elevated digital booking experience
  • > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Partnership with cargo.one complements Qatar Airways Cargo’s ambitious omnichannel strategy as part of the carrier’s Next Generation digital transformation program

Berlin, October 11, 2022 – cargo.one today unveiled a global partnership with Qatar Airways Cargo, launching the world’s biggest cargo airline’s capacities on the leading marketplace for digital air cargo bookings. Freight forwarders now benefit from an ideal combination of cargo.one’s award-winning real-time booking solution and Qatar Airways Cargo’s global network spanning every continent. The launch reflects cargo.one’s rapid expansion during 2022 and continuing adoption of global capacity.

cargo.one’s global customers can now book Qatar Airways Cargo’s extensive capacities across many of the world’s most important markets –  including North America, Europe, Japan, India and Brazil. The carrier currently offers customers more than 60 dedicated freighter destinations and over 150 passenger destinations, comprising excellent intercontinental connectivity. Across its operation, Qatar Airways Cargo utilizes more than 250 aircraft (including 32 freighters), now bookable on cargo.one.

For freight forwarders using cargo.one, the launch of Qatar Airways Cargo facilitates 2,000 completely new O&D pairs, and 3,000 additional flights per month. As a digital leader, cargo.one now delivers the highest quality marketplace booking experience for Qatar Airways capacities.

“Our launch of Qatar Airways Cargo capacities is a significant milestone in cargo.one always delivering the best possible level of choice to freight forwarders”, says Moritz Claussen, Founder and Co-CEO of cargo.one. “We are honored to be recognized as an important distribution channel within the airline’s omni-channel strategy. Our aim is to deliver Qatar Airways Cargo the most customer-friendly way to distribute their capacity worldwide”, he adds.

cargo.one offers Qatar Airways Cargo unrivaled access to vast numbers of active freight forwarders – both large enterprises and SME forwarders alike. As the solution of choice for thousands of forwarding branches worldwide, using cargo.one can typically cut the amount of time needed for planning and booking air cargo shipments by 50%. The addition of Qatar Airways Cargo’s network to cargo.one adds further weight to encourage and drive digital adoption in many markets.

The partnership with cargo.one complements Qatar Airways Cargo’s far-reaching digital transformation program – a key component of the airline’s Next Generation concept. The launch reflects the airline’s pursuit of excellence in digital booking, and the strategy to leverage the highest quality, most popular sales channels in the air cargo market. As a result, forwarders now receive maximum value from both the airline’s outstanding reach and an elevated digital booking experience.