Members can search their Cargo iQ data by route, milestone, station, product, customer, or provider, enabling them to develop new products, improve processes, and drive quality in the air cargo industry


Cargo iQ has launched online self-service access to its data, giving members real-time information on performance for the first time, enabling them to develop new products and improve processes.


Cargo iQ’s ‘Air Cargo Intelligence Hub’ gives its members access to their data on any given route and produces customized reports, allowing them to compare their own performance against Cargo iQ standards, and that of the Cargo iQ community overall.


Cargo iQ members work with shared shipment planning called route maps, based on its Master Operating Plan (MOP), which measures each individual cargo journey from shipper to consignee against 16 milestones.


Through analysis of the data generated by these measurements, members can work with their customers and suppliers to improve performance, develop new products, and drive quality in the air cargo industry.


“Our members can now analyze their data and see it in an easy to understand, meaningful way; giving them the tools to focus their resources to where they need to improve processes, and supporting them to optimize their products and requirements both for their industry partners and of course, our customers, the shippers,” said Ariaen Zimmerman, Executive Director, Cargo iQ.


“Cargo iQ members are focused on quality in the air cargo industry and our new Hub will help demonstrate the value that air freight brings to the global logistics market.


“Members will be better able to explain to current and potential customers exactly what it is they are paying for, and offer them a choice of products – something new and refreshing for the somewhat traditional air freight sector.”


Cargo iQ launched its Air Cargo Intelligence Hub today at its Commercial Summit in Geneva, where the IATA interest group also revealed a new Sales Toolkit, including a short animated film outlining the value of the organization.


Delegates were joined by Alex Veitch, Head of Global Policy at the Global Shippers’ Forum (GSF), who brought a customer perspective to the debate.


“Cargo iQ members continue to innovate and make quality the focal point of the air cargo industry, collaborating to improve airfreight, and using Smart Data to optimize their products, said Cargo iQ Chairman Henk Venema, Senior Vice President – Global Head of Network Carrier Management at DHL Global Forwarding.


“Our work with shippers shows the need to have timely and clear information shared and our members understand that better than anyone.


“Cargo iQ will take part in GSF’s next meeting in preparation of a joint launch of the industry’s first shipper KPIs later this year, marking another important milestone for our industry.”


The Hub is one of a series of initiatives aimed at improving the value Cargo iQ delivers to its members and to the industry as a whole, which has included the appointment of independent auditors.