Leading camera equipment supplier C-KO is about to unveil its latest product range to some of Britain’s most safety-conscious truck operators.

C-KO will take the wraps off its Blind Spot HGV Monitor at the FORS (Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme) Members Conference, at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham on Tuesday October 15.

Blind Spot HGV Monitor features cameras fixed on trucks’ mirror arms, linked to screens inside the cab. But in a break from the previous norm, instead of being mounted centrally on the dashboard, the screens are split – one is positioned on each of the host vehicle’s A-pillars.

“The advantages offered by moving the monitors to the A-pillars are clear,” said C-KO Sales Director Nick Turner. “The driver only has to look in one direction – rather than sideways to the mirror and then down to the dash. At the same time each screen shows the view from its own side of the vehicle, so the driver’s understanding of what he or she is seeing is much more intuitive.”

The system uses two cameras on each side of the vehicle, to give a comprehensive rearward view as well as covering all blind spots along the sides of the truck. The images are relayed to 12.3-inch screens with high definition and automatic dimming capability, giving the driver full visibility at a glance in all weather and light conditions.

“Like all the best ideas it’s simple but extremely effective,” Nick Turner continued. “Blind Spot HGV Monitor offers a clear safety benefit, especially to operators whose trucks frequently have to access busy town and city centres.”