As you know, the recent weather events in the U.S. Gulf Coast region are having significant impacts on supply chains. While shippers can’t always plan for these disruptions, with the help of new technology they can better predict them and make proactive decisions – before their supply chain is impacted.

Today, we are introducing our latest bold new innovation with the launch of Navisphere® Vision, a supply chain technology that provides real-time global visibility across all modes and regions in one platform. Through the integration of supply chain professionals, advanced technology and customer insights, Navisphere Vision helps shippers make their global supply chains more prescriptive, automated and efficient.

In addition to providing real-time visibility down to a SKU level, Navisphere Vision delivers insights and impacts of potential disruptions from weather, traffic or current events, as well as predictive analytics to help shippers make better, faster decisions. With historical customer data, Navisphere Vision will utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to quantify supply chain disruptions, and then automatically take action on behalf of the customer to mitigate risk

As the alpha customer, Microsoft has been using Navisphere Vision since 2016. Using their supply chain data and feedback along the way, we’ve had the unique opportunity to further refine the product. Here is a video where you can see the technology in action and hear from Microsoft on how they have transformed their global supply chain with Navisphere Vision.