Broadway Malyan Logistics Chief embarks on marathon effort to revolutionise ‘Last Mile’


New Head of Logistics, Steve Griffiths uses Amazon experience to deliver fresh vision for supply-chain architecture


Broadway Malyan’s new Logistics Chief has today announced his vision for the global architecture firm in revolutionising the way the UK approaches supply-chain dynamics.

Steve Griffiths, who was appointed by Broadway Malyan during the pandemic to head up a specialised new Logistics division, is drawing on his experience from assessing viability and outputs for over 400 Amazon warehouses across Europe to create a pioneering new repurposing strategy.

A key aspect of the vision is a complete transformation of thought around Last Mile logistics and the evolution of Broadway Malyan’s Retail 2.0 concept which concentrates on repurposing empty retail outlets  and explores opportunities within residential and mixed-use developments such as unused basements to create integrated supply-chain solutions at the heart of urban dense areas.

Steve says:

“The biggest change to the logistics market is in the last mile. With the unparalleled rise in e-commerce accelerated by Covid-19, Broadway Malyan is pioneering a new approach to integrating Last Mile hubs into the centre of the towns, cities and areas that need them the most, repurposing unused developments that were built for purpose such as empty retail parks and underground basements.


Gone are the days of exiling often sub-standard logistics facilities to the rural wilds, creating vacuous and soulless sheds next to equally grey, clogged and polluting arterial routes. It’s time to get real. Logistics is at the heart of the new world and should be at the heart of the places and people, working for and with the communities they support.”


Broadway Malyan is currently exploring opportunities in the UK with residential developers who are open to repurposing unused spaces and retail park investors looking for new solutions following the significant downturn in footfall to outlets.

With Steve at the helm, the architecture firm is championing the need for Logistics to be closer to the customer, ensuring that there is not only space for machinery and staff, but also for the fleet of electric vehicles that need to be parked and charged overnight. With the building-to-site ratio only at around 20%, Broadway Malyan is creating solutions to an issue that is causing problems for many developers.

Steve continues:

“As the logistics market continually evolves, the places we create have to be able to flex and accommodate consumer behaviour changes and global technological advances. The site operation needs to be fully assessed with the external area of equal importance to the internal bricks and mortar. Trucks must be able to queue without affecting the highways or the neighbours. Yard operation needs to be fluid with quick safe access to the docks or parking up areas and not block the circulation space. Workers need to be able to access the building quickly safely and be able to leave without delay. Neighbours must not be complaining about noise or traffic. It’s a lot to think about. But as an ex-American football player, for me, it’s all about creating the right formation.”

Broadway Malyan has been successfully delivering projects for Costco across for nearly 30 years, supporting their growth and customer experience. Latest projects include the sensitive refit of Felix Candela’s award-winning John Lewis Warehouse in Stevenage, UK, and the opening of Costco’s first retail warehouse stores in Madrid and Zaragoza, Spain.

For more information about Broadway Malyan’s Retail 2.0 strategy and information on working with Steve Griffiths and the Logistics team, visit