Britain is due to withdraw from the European Union on the 31st January 2020 (providing there isn’t another delay). We are all well aware by now of some of the effects that a no-deal Brexit will have on the logistics industry. Is your middle man, your business or the software you use prepared for the fallout? Use our checklist and put your mind at ease.

Brexit List:

  • [ ] Can it handle customs (for individual jobs, and groupages/consolidations)?
  • [ ] Can it record the customs procedure used (Full Declaration / Simplified Frontier Declaration / Entry In Declarants Records)?
  • [ ] Assuming that we’re responsible for handling the customs (not the customer, or a third-party), can it record Trade Tariffs? See

Now, I get that you don’t have a raft of time to cover this whole article, you’re in the transportation industry after all. BUT, if you do have a spare 3-5 minutes then read over the next few sections. We guarantee it’s something you’ll be glad you’ve read!

How could your business and the software you’re currently using be affected?

To keep it short we’ve provided some information below on 4 main areas you’ll need to cover to ensure your ship still sails in a post Brexit world.

Trade disruption at the border, are you (and your software) ready for an increase on tariffs and goods?

Following Britain’s exit from the European Union, all goods moving into and out of the EU will require import declarations. Normally, depending on how up to date your software is, you’ll have no issues with obtaining these import declarations. If your software, customs broker, freight-forwarder or logistics provider doesn’t have the ability to do this then you need plan now to solve this potential issue.

Additionally, distance selling arrangements will no longer apply so associated import VAT and customs duties will be due when the goods arrive into the EU. If you and your business want to avoid pesky disruptions at the border then ensure you get these details finalised ahead of arrival. The VAT rules vary for each EU state, so UK transportation businesses should check HMRC tariff information and guidance.

All companies importing or exporting goods to the EU would now require an EORI number

Economic Operators Registration and Identifications are a system of unique numbers that are used to monitor and track shipments coming into and out of the European Union. If you don’t already have this form of identification then don’t worry so much. They are simple to apply for; there is a 10 minute online process at, after which the EORI number usually arrives by email within 3 working days. However, if they do not appear on every commercial or proforma invoice goods will not be allowed through the EU customs.

GDPR would still affect your customer data.

GDPR rules that came into effect last year still affects anyone holding EU citizens data. So, if you’re thinking about throwing out that big wad of papers with the read headline on the front reading “GDPR policy”, think again. If you are getting tired of various documentation stacking up then why not store all of the information on your logistics platform. If your system doesn’t have this feature, come talk to us.

Whilst this article contains a summary of some of the aspects you need to think about in the event of a no-deal Brexit, there are a number of other issues to consider. Further guidance from the UK governmental concerning a no-deal Brexit can be found here:

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