There’s been a lot of coverage recently about what will happen if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The potential for massive delays at Dover and other ferry ports have been highlighted.

What can an operator do to minimise the impact or prepare for the worst? Well, given there are so many unknowns it is difficult for road operators to take much action without risking wasting a lot of time, effort and money. But – there are two things that you can do now.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “Firstly, we would recommend that members encourage all their EU citizen employees to get full passports rather than rely on ID Cards – it’s is not certain that ID cards will work after Brexit. And it’s prudent for EU citizens to apply early given potential for backlogs and slow processing times.

“Secondly, customs controls of some sort will be introduced as the UK will leave the EU internal market. Operators need to encourage shippers and consignees to start improving paperwork now and aim to get international road haulage paperwork (description of goods on CMR notes) up to a standard that would be used to ship to the Far East.”