The major international logistics hub of Bremen in Germany will host a one-day Masterclass on Tuesday, 29 September, for anyone working in the oversized and heavy loads transportation industry.

The one-day  PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs  will be held at the Radisson Blu Bremen Hotel and focuses on improving project cargo management capabilities within organisations.

Course co-ordinator, and general manager of the Project Professions Group, Kevin Stephens, said Bremen had been chosen to host the Masterclass due to its importance as a commercial and industrial city with links to ports in Hamburg and Bremerhaven and as the home for a large number of multinational companies and manufacturing centres.

“Bremen is a major European logistics hub with excellent connections to shipping, rail and road traffic and is of enormous strategic importance to the project cargo sector,” Mr Stephens said.

“This Masterclass is broken up into easy-to-digest modules that support key aspects of project logistics decision making,” Mr Stephens said.

Mr Stephens said the Masterclass training format culminated with ProjectPitch – a comprehensive group exercise developed by industry.

“ProjectPitch is designed as a hands-on way to incorporate all the key learnings from the Project Forwarding Certificate modules into a comprehensive exercise for project logistics professionals.”

Registrations are open for the PPG Project Cargo Certificate for Forwarders, 3PLs, Clients and ECPMs in Bremen on Tuesday, 29 September.

Further information, including video testimonials, is available from the PPG website or email Kevin Stephens:

This Masterclass offers:

The opportunity to engage with expert trainers for feedback that helps with learning.

Better understanding of projects from the shipper’s and client’s perspective.

Practical learning exercises to solidify learning.

Networking with people from the industry you are learning more about.

Learning to structure productive business communication.

ProjectPitch group exercise highlighting the application of masterclass key learnings and the opportunity to gain practical experience.

A commemorative graduation certificate on completion of Masterclass.