Breakbulk Middle East 2021 employs market technologies to enhance the maritime sector

The event utilizes leading technologies and innovations to boost business in the region‘s project cargo industry

UAE – Dubai –  Held under the patronage of The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the sixth edition of Breakbulk Middle East, the region’s leading event in the project cargo, breakbulk and heavy lift sector, will highlight how technology can be effectively used to expand the sector. Now, more than ever, the need to embrace technologies has become imperative considering the global pandemic. The event takes advantage of new innovations and improved technologies to enrich the experience of its stakeholders. The implementation of Augmented Reality is one of the many technology-enabled initiatives which reinforces BBME’s industry advancing aspirations.

The project logistics and freight movement sector has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in an economic slowdown. Despite this, a large number of companies have embraced the power of technology. Increased digitization, as well as greater reliance on autonomous applications and big data, is the need of the hour. Breakbulk Middle East plays a major role in educating the industry about new improved technologies that can help businesses survive this rough phase.

Ben Blamire, Event Director of Breakbulk Middle East said, “The industry is currently witnessing a paradigm shift, due to the global pandemic. At such a time, technology is helping companies maintain a healthy supply chain. The industry has to adapt to the changing times and adopt digitalization. Implementation of new technologies will not only help companies become pioneers in the field, but it is also beneficial in terms of cost-efficiency. Focusing on technologies that deliver tangible benefits in terms of speed, efficiency and the quality of service, rather than those involving complex processes, is essential.”

Leslie Meredith, Marketing Director of Breakbulk Events & Media said, “The UAE has maintained its top position in the Middle East among 115 countries in terms of helping digital companies thrive and traditional businesses harness the digital dividend. Through a series of quality initiatives, the country has continually worked hard to create a thriving maritime market that attracts leading businesses from around the world, promoting the UAE’s status as a global shipping centre. Our initiatives are in line with the country’s vision and goals, adding a distinctive value to the overall event experience. With our 2021 edition, we are hoping to stir up a digital revolution that will transform businesses in the breakbulk sector.”

The power of digitalization

Year after year, Breakbulk Middle East has introduced innovative technologies to help the industry cope with the challenges of the market. In the 2021 addition, through ‘Breakbulk AR’, exhibitors will be given a platform to showcase their innovative endeavors and upgraded initiatives. Exhibitors should submit footage of relevant industry projects to be displayed on a dedicated wall for visitors and exhibitors to witness the groundbreaking achievements and pioneering ambitions of an industry that serves as a key infrastructural pillar in the region. Additionally, the event’s conference agenda will be comprised of topical sessions that align with BBME’s vision of realizing the industry’s potential to continually progress.

The 2020 edition witnessed the attendance of Arab transport ministers and government officials from Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. 3,444 visitors and 1,663 companies from 72 countries were present. This goes to show the importance of Breakbulk Middle East in the industry and its significant contribution to the region’s economic status.

This year, in light of the COVID crisis, through their new innitivate titled BBME Post-COVID-19 RoadMap, Breakbulk Middle East hopes to equip the industry with improved strategies to tackle the new post-COVID business world. Participants will be allowed to share the best practices for a sustainable business post the pandemic. Blamire added, “It is crucial for us to help the industry advance with the changing times. Similar to 2020’s edition, this year, considering the rapidly changing business environment, we are focusing on technology and innovation as key themes. The COVID-19 pandemic has only strengthened our belief in the game-changing power of technology. To ensure that companies survive the competitive market, it is imperative for them to remain inventive and resourceful. The use of technology will definitely help to optimize operations, benefiting the entire industry.”

Transforming the industry

Groundbreaking achievements and pioneering technologies serve as key pillars of the maritime sector. Digital technologies, including software solutions like blockchain, have enormous potential to revolutionise the maritime sector. The Internet of Things (IoT), cloud technology, automation and robotic solutions, and blockchain offer an array of options to carriers and project logistics firms that are looking to update their current processes. AI, machine learning, and data science are also great tools to boost business.

Meredith added, “We have continually ensured that we educate the industry about what’s new in terms of technological advancements and how these smart tools can aid business. There is a whole new world of technological solutions that we are yet to explore as an industry. They use of technologies has the ability to reduce the time taken for a task and monetary outlay for all parties. Our ‘Breakbulk AR’ initiative promotes imaginative methods of accelerating the industry’s growth and development. We were thrilled by the response we received from the industry.”

While the breakbulk industry might be inundated with a variety of smart solutions, Breakbulk Middle East ensures that it leads the way for professionals, helping them stay abreast with relevant technological solutions at their disposal. The agenda for Breakbulk Middle East will consist of sessions that align with Breakbulk Middle East’s vision of helping the industry grow.