Brasporto Pharma is a division of Brasporto Logística e Assessoria Aduaneira which is a specialist in the logistic industry for life sciences based in Brazil, focused on aid cargo. Since 2017, Brasporto Pharma offers a tailored made solutions for its customers, using validated packages, which were approved by Brazilian health care bureau called Anvisa, one of the most rigorous in the world.

According to Jackson Campos,  BDM at Brasporto Pharma ” There are many exporters that are not able to package their pharma cargoes to comply with Brazil’s rules and Brasporto has found a way to solve it”.  One of the first companies to use this brand new solution was Blau Farmacêutica, a Brazilian 1 billion company*. In this case,  Brasporto offered a very specific package that is able to hold sensitive products between 2 to 8 degrees range for more than 100 hours. As expected,  cargo arrived in time, from Asia to Brazil in one day, with no surprises. “Our aim is to offer more than door-to-door services,  we want to release our customer off of these type of problems, giving it time to work on their core businesses and making more profit”, completed Campos. Brasporto is able to offer this solution both in import and export in more than 20 countries, including Brazil.

* Estimated IPO for Blau in December 2017.