Bolloré Logistics and its long-time partner, Sarcona, have partnered to launch a new sustainable logistics service with the commissioning of an electric truck to deliver the last mile between New Jersey and New York.

Made in the United States, this truck has a range of 200 miles. It will run 359 days a year between Bolloré Logistics’ distribution centre in Ridgefield and the customer’s retail network in the heart of Manhattan, travelling approximately 60 km per day.

This project is the result of a fruitful collaboration between the two companies. For Bolloré Logistics, this new solution is part of its efforts to co-construct with its partners a more environmentally friendly transport offer. For Sarcona, this truck marks a major turning point in its history as the first 100% electric vehicle in their fleet.

The deployment of this new service will enable Bolloré Logistics to contribute to the decarbonization of road transport and the improvement of air quality in the city. Over a year, about 10 to 15* tonnes of CO2e will be avoided depending on the quantities delivered, i.e. at least -70% of CO2e and -100% of air pollutant emissions.

The electric truck appears to be the best option for last-mile delivery, and we are delighted with this partnership with Sarcona, which opens up new perspectives in sustainable logistics without compromising on quality of service. We look forward to implementing this new transportation solution and soon be able to measure all the benefits.” said Michael Workman, Ridgefield Distribution Center Director at Bolloré Logistics.

As part of its CSR program “Powering Sustainable Logistics”, Bolloré Logistics is committed to reducing its scope 3 CO2 emissions by 22% by 2030 (2022 base). The company is registered under the “Science-based targets” initiative and reports every year on the progress over its CSR objectives in its public Sustainability report.

Supporting the development of more sustainable-transport solutions and bringing transport innovations to its customers are the cornerstone of Bolloré Logistics’ long-term strategy. Its New-Jersey EV truck is not the first and will not be the last of the company’ sustainable-road initiatives. Since 2020, the company has invested in several alternative-truck solutions, starting with a renewable natural gas (RNG) tractor truck on the west coast and more recently 4 compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks. In total, at least 50 tons of CO2e per year have been saved thanks to these different initiatives. Other projects of the same nature are already under consideration with deployment planned for 2024.

*calculated in Well To Wheel (WTW) methodology.

Source: bollore logistics usa