Bicester-based transport and distribution company Darcica Logistics, one of the newest members of Palletways UK’s express palletised freight network, has been recognised as a finalist in the Oxfordshire Business Awards (OXBA) for its green and sustainability credentials.

Despite being a young business – a SME start up during the Covid-19 pandemic – the family-run and owned business has a clear commitment and strategy to reducing emissions, waste, water and energy. It was selected by the judging panel as a contender in its Green Award, the winner of which will be announced next month.

Darcica provides solutions for fast and efficient delivery and fulfillment services and recently joined Palletways. Owner Anthony Tattersall comments: “The logistics transportation industry has one of the biggest impacts on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emission rates, and we want to lead the way in reducing the industry’s carbon output, so we’re delighted to be recognised by OXBA”.

“We were one of the first companies to join and successfully achieve the Mission Zero Standard, we put sustainable practices at the heart of everything we do. This includes a fully electric 3.5t vehicle, which was purchased to service the Oxford Zero Emission Zone, a zone which is set to expand its catchment area this year. We estimate this will result in some savings of 5.71 tonne CO2 a year and means we can continue to service customers in the zone with sustainable deliveries via a fully electric fleet.”

Commenting, Warwick Trimble, UK Network Director for Palletways, said: “Darcica has made a significant contribution to the strength of the network over the past six months and their green credentials are well deserving of this accolade. The company sets an excellent example to the haulage industry at a time when it’s never been more important to focus on ways we can all make journeys more sustainable and reduce the sector’s carbon footprint.”