B&H Worldwide, the world’s best-in-class aerospace logistics supplier, has extended its relationship to manage Flybe’s time critical and heavyweight inbound and outbound aerospace logistics.

B&H will provide a range of time critical solutions to Europe’s largest regional airline in order to manage its complex supply chain and ensure the carrier’s aircraft stay in the air.  The program will be managed through B&H 24/7 365 Control Tower based at its London Heathrow facility and it will use its unique, cloud-based, in-house designed IT system OnTrack to manage the process.

With the Flybe network now extending to some 77 airports, improved transit times and greater visibility of aerospace shipments, combined with cost reduction and fast delivery, are essential components for delivering ongoing aerospace logistics solutions.

“AOG and time-critical logistics need specialist teams to manage and deliver the parts and the award-winning B&H teams have the skills and experience to deliver just that,” states CEO, Stuart Allen.  “We are delighted by Flybe’s decision to extend the relationship with this contract and will be putting in place plans to ensure they benefit from a continuous improvement program for their aerospace logistics which not only meets, but exceeds their expectations”.

In addition B&H will be implementing its freight optimisation solutions for Flybe alongside continuous financial reporting & analysis, and IT efficiencies led by its IT arm B&H InTech.

It will also support Flybe with Customs compliance services.

Adds Flybe’s Director for Engineering & Maintenance, Keith Earnden: “B&H has demonstrated a clear understanding of the imperatives under which Flybe requires to operate and has played a critical role in efficiently providing the essential components for delivering the effective ongoing aerospace logistics solutions we need. We are pleased to have found such a professional, reliable service provider and look forward to working with their teams through our extended relationship.”