As a Digital Leader, Beiersdorf AG is Using Transporeon’s Transportation Management Platform to Connect and Optimise its Global Ocean Transport Processes

Transporeon, a Trimble Company, announced today that Beiersdorf AG has transformed its transport operations by implementing an end-to-end ocean booking and shipment management system via Transporeon’s Transportation Management Platform. The solution enables global collaboration between multiple parties operating through a common platform that encompasses all the elements of a complex shipping transaction – reducing errors, saving resources, and eliminating the issue of incompatible IT systems.

Transporeon’s real-time platform integrates the participants including carriers, custom brokers and other stakeholders in the process to ensure a seamless and transparent flow of insights and communications. When Beiersdorf issues container booking details at the start of the process, the data is integrated into a connected workflow and visible along the entire transport chain. This helps automate the manual process of booking requests, booking confirmations, shipping instructions and Bill of Lading handling. In addition, the platform approach means it no longer matters if carriers and customs authorities work with different IT systems. Key documentation travels digitally and automatically with the container, accessible through a single platform that ensures interoperability.

Documents can be easily read and processed at the various checkpoints during transport to ensure smoother shipment execution and streamlining global workflows while saving significant time and money for all parties.

Beiersdorf’s Transport Control Centre has been using Transporeon for many years to steer its European transport network — moving components and finished goods from production sites to consumer markets, while prioritising excellent customer service. Now, Beiersdorf has extended Transporeon’s tried-and-tested platform capabilities to its entire global sea freight execution, creating a truly unified experience.

Malte Schulz, vice president, Supply Chain EU & NA of Beiersdorf said, “Cooperating with Transporeon directly contributes to our strategic priority of supply chain digitisation. In developing Beiersdorf’s control tower for global transport management, we have significantly extended our service scope with Transporeon, achieving great results. The web-based platform ensures end-to-end process visibility and real-time access for all internal and external parties and plays a fundamental role in maintaining sustainable round-the-clock operations to support our global logistics network.”

Philipp Pfister, chief customer experience officer at Transporeon added, “We are proud that Beiersdorf has relied on Transporeon’s solutions for more than ten years. As a leading skincare company with numerous production facilities around the globe, Beiersdorf is committed to continuously improving its logistics and transport processes. This implementation of an end-to-end platform that provides visibility and connectivity across all stages of the ocean booking management process marks another big step forward, together.”

Source: transporeon