Baxter Freight, the customer service focused logistics company, has welcomed today’s announcement by HM Revenue and Customs that every VAT registered company in the UK will be automatically given an EORI (Economic Operators Registration & Identification) number necessary for trading with the European Union if the UK leaves the Customs Union later this year.

Commenting on the announcement, Baxter Freight’s Chairman Ian Baxter said:

“This move is extremely helpful as there are currently almost 90,000 British businesses trading with Europe that hadn’t registered to get an EORI number. If there is a no-deal situation, and they had failed to get an EORI number by the Brexit deadline, they wouldn’t have been able to ship to the EU until they had registered for one. Their logistics provider would not have been able to arrange a customs entry on their behalf, risking their business grinding to a halt.

“This is a significant step but there are many other things the Government and businesses need to address to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. For example, companies need to familiarise themselves with all tariff codes applying to their goods to ensure customs declarations can be properly made. If they need help with Brexit, companies should get in touch with their logistics provider as soon as possible.”