In roughly four years, Dachser has integrated its Iberian subsidiary Azkar Group into its European road network. The overland transport organizations will operate under the names of Dachser Spain and Dachser Portugal in the future. This was announced today by CEO Bernhard Simon, COO Road Logistics Michael Schilling, and Juan Antonio Quintana, Managing Director European Logistics Iberia, at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich.

This rebranding is the culmination of an integration process that began in January 2013 with Dachser’s acquisition of Azkar. The companies had already been cooperating since 2007, and one year later Dachser purchased a stake of 10 percent in its then partner for Spain. “The two companies were an excellent match right from the word go. We share the same values, and we have the same corporate culture and business vision,” explains Bernhard Simon. “On this basis, we were able to advance quickly and smoothly with the integration. Simultaneously, we have achieved profitable growth on the Iberian Peninsula every year since the takeover.”

Since the acquisition, Dachser has closely integrated its organizations in Spain and Portugal into its European groupage network. The 70 daily import and export lines that existed in 2013 have increased to 130 today, while the number of shipments from and to Europe grew by 40 percent over the same period. Michael Schilling emphasizes the advantages of a standardized European groupage network: “What you see is what you get. If it’s got Dachser’s name on it, then there’s Dachser in it – customers can bank on that. In addition to integrated IT systems, standardized processes, workflows, and network rules are the foundations for reliability, safety, and quality.”

Switch to Dachser colors
A rebranding is accompanying the end of the integration. The national subsidiaries will operate under the names of Dachser Spain and Dachser Portugal in the future. “That was our goal, which was advocated by employees, management, and customers,” underscores Juan Antonio Quintana. “The Dachser network underpins our success. We’re now playing in a completely different league than we were four years ago, and we can support customers in their worldwide growth. Accordingly, it is only logical that we take the next step and also become Dachser in our branding.” Five branches – in Barcelona, Bilbao, Malaga, Porto, and Valencia – are already decked out in the blue and yellow colors, and the rest are due to follow by 2020. Of the approximately 2,000 short-haul trucks, over 70 percent already sport the Dachser branding today.

“Being united under the Dachser banner benefits employees and benefits customers even more,” concludes Bernhard Simon. “That’s why, with network expansions in mind, we’re investing in jobs, facilities, and in the integration of systems and processes. On the Iberian Peninsula today, we’re beginning a new chapter in our shared success story.”

Dachser on the Iberian Peninsula
In Spain and Portugal, Dachser is active with its European Logistics (formerly Azkar Group) and Air & Sea Logistics (formerly Transunion) business lines and employs 3,353 people at 87 locations. In the Food Logistics business line, Dachser has been collaborating with the partner Logifrío since the start of 2016 as part of the European Food Network. As one of the largest logistics providers on the Iberian Peninsula, Dachser is positioning itself in overland transport as an export-oriented one-stop shop for all logistics requirements. This includes groupage and full-truck-load transports as well as warehousing, value added services, and the Iberian B2B parcel business. New customers for international business are opening up to Dachser Spain and Dachser Portugal in the Business Line European Logistics through avenues such as the Dachser DIY-Logistics and Dachser Chem-Logistics industry solutions. For customers from the chemical industry, a dangerous goods organization was introduced in 48 branches in 2016. One location has already been evaluated in accordance with SQAS.

The air and sea freight organizations in Spain and Portugal, which are headed by Federico Camáñez, Managing Director Air & Sea Logistics Southern Europe, are present at the main airports and seaports by virtue of eleven locations and ensure connection to intercontinental markets. To this end, an air freight gateway was established in Madrid in 2017.

On the Iberian Peninsula in 2016, Dachser transported some 20.5 million shipments with a weight of around 3.0 million tons and achieved sales revenue of around EUR 741 million. In total, Dachser offers its customers in Spain and Portugal a warehouse area of 424,000 square meters with 362.000 pallet spaces.