Commercial Process Outsourcing company OCI, which has seen its revenue increase one hundred-fold in half a decade, has once again strengthened its senior management team with the appointment of Geoff Parry.

Banking and supply chain expert Mr Parry brings 30 years international banking experience – 20 plus years in trade and supply chain, half based in Asia and half in Europe.

Parry says: “Global supply chains face many new challenges today – solving each link requires a deep understanding of the different local and regional nuances.”

“We have all seen and felt the impact of disruption in one way or another. Helping to make supply chains move more effectively, certainly feels like the right thing to be doing right now.”

OCI’s CEO, Oliver Chapman said: “The world has woken up to the importance of the detail in the supply chain. Failure to understand the supply chain and build insufficient resilience into it, is one of the underlying reasons for current global economic challenges.

“The creation of a more robust supply chain could have helped mitigate some of the economic issues caused by supply instability. Geoff brings fantastic expertise and with him on board, we can support organisations fashion an understanding of their supply chain which can, in turn, help them make it fit for the 2020s.”

Parry added: “OCI works shoulder to shoulder alongside and as a part of our clients supply chains – becoming a true partner by providing sourcing, logistics and flexible financing that truly enables our clients business to grow exponentially.

“This is a different and much more holistic partnership compared to what ‘financial supply chain’ providers alone can typically do. With skin in the game, the sense of urgency and drive to get the job done, and done properly, is very real.”