DEFRA and the Dept of Transport have now released the supplement to the UK plan for tackling roadside NOx consultation, adding a further 33 local authorities to the 27 already tasked to clean up their air.

This now makes a total of 60 towns and cities that have to take some action to tackle the air quality in their areas, including London.

Commenting, RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett said: “In recent weeks four local authorities – and London – have made announcements about their clean air strategies. It’s inevitable that each authority will place its own restrictions, timelines and of course cost.

“There must balance in terms of phasing in these schemes. Hauliers simply can’t afford extra costs and manufacturers, retailers and ultimately the consumer will inevitably end up footing the bill.

“If the UK is to see tangible benefits from these schemes it’s essential that there’s clarity about what’s needed and uniformity in approach. As the only UK organisation dedicated to road haulage, the RHA is best placed to offer advice and guidance.”