Taking inspiration from the Department of International Trade’s “Exporting is Great” campaign designed to create 100,000 new UK exporters by the year 2020, Anglo Freight, the Southampton based freight forwarder, have launched their own “Freight is Great” initiative.

According to Chris Goodman, their Managing Director, the main purpose of this campaign is to help many of those small companies that are new to exporting get through all the first hurdles and to help their key 1st orders run smoothly, as well as ensuring their cargo reaches its overseas destination in good condition and in a timely manner.

“We are providing advice and help on things such as export packaging, documentation and methods of payment” Chris told us. “We are also providing on-going support to ensure the newcomers to shipping are not deterred by the complexities of exporting.”

This could be by either pointing shippers in the right direction to avail themselves of all the resources that are available to them out there, or simply being on hand to answer any questions they may have.

First time shippers contacting the forwarder receive a “start-up pack” which includes information on Incoterms, a list of commonly used abbreviations, a directory of useful resources, and a step by step guide to successfully handling their first order from an overseas market.

Coming at a precarious time in the UK’s economy, it can only help the country if the DIT’s campaign achieves the ambitious target it has set out to.  Many companies looking for new opportunities to sell their products are now looking overseas to keep their order books looking healthy.  And now thanks to the expansion of the world wide web and with the world at their fingertips, they see this as a logical progression for their business.  Setting up an Export operation has never been easier, and with the right help and support there is no reason why a company with an entrepreneurial spirit and a bit of ambition can’t succeed in seeking out new markets overseas.

As the Minister for Trade and Investment at the time of the “Export is Great” launch, Lord Francis Maude, said: “Travelling overseas in my capacity as Minister for Trade, I see first-hand the demand that exists for UK products and services, but many companies don’t realise this demand exists.”

As the DIT are now succeeding in putting many of these companies in contact with overseas demand, it can only be a good thing that the service providers in our industry contribute to ensure any first time shippers are not discouraged at the first obstacles that come their way, and are given access to the right resources to ensure that this significant effort translates into additional valuable revenue streams for our economy.

Anyone wishing to access the DIT’s Export is Great initiative can do so at www.great.gov.uk

Anglo Freight’s Exporters start up pack can be obtained by contacting them at www.anglofreight.co.uk