A member of X2 Logistics Networks, Altius Argentina, recently completed the shipment of a massive electric cell unit weighing 21 tons and measuring 10.5 x 3.4 x 3.8 meters in dimensions. Managing the transport of an energy cell requires skill and understanding of what can’t be done when handling the cargo.

Altius Argentina was responsible for ensuring the fuel cell reached its destination in Buenos Aires, Argentina without incurring gravitational traction during air transport and after landing and during unloading the crew is required to ensure it was not turned over at an undesirable angle.

This single cell shipment is only a portion of a greater project cargo shipment that involves another 5 energy cells to be transported to the same location in Buenos Aires. However, this is the only cell the client had requested to be transported by air. In order to fulfill the client’s wishes, Altius Argentina enlisted the support of an Antonov aircraft, the only aircraft in the world that can handle such oversized cargo.

Overall, the air transport was the greatest challenge of the shipment. However, the client’s engineers cleared the cargo to handle the 4 G’s of force during takeoff without damaging any internal components. Upon landing and following overland transport, the Altius team surveyed the cargo and determined that the cargo was undamaged. In the end, the shipment was completed smoothly and without any problems.

Altius S.A. are well versed in handling a wide variety of cargo shipments and are members of X2 Elite, X2 Projects, X2 Cold Chain, and X2 Critical.