‘Exceptionally committed’: it’s a by-line that has the potential to be nothing but hot air unless there is extraordinary service backing up the claim. Ahead of FORWARDER’s Issue 32: Air Cargo & Airfreight going live this week, comes an airfreight success story from Abnormal Load Services (ALS).

The global logistics provider managed to successfully arrange an urgent airfreight request, in a true last-minute rush. 

The ALS team have a combined expertise in handling, transportation and delivery of “exceptional” cargo, with a dedication to excellent service, whatever, wherever.

On this occasion, ALS Hull worked quickly to arrange the time-sensitive transportation of a VCU to a refinery in Israel.

Transportation was arranged to move a zone blower from Germany by road to consolidate with a large flare stack in the UK and other cargo for the Antonov flight which was departing from East Midlands Airport.

ALS were in attendance throughout the movement, supervising building to aircraft at East Midlands Airport, and were present for cargo offloading in Tel Aviv.

The company’s headline reads, “every single cargo is precious to us”: cargo which on this occasion contained one stack, one skid and a zone blower and was loaded onto the Antonov 124-100-150 aircraft.

The sectors ALS work in include: rail, renewables, mining, power, tunnelling, paper & tissue, construction, agricultural equipment, oil & gas and spare parts, making them an experienced and dedicated partner across a number of sectors.

The team pride themselves on offering multimodal solutions through a personal service, and provide innovative, dedicated, reliable and specialised service.

For more on the latest airfreight success stories, check out Issue 32 of FORWARDER, coming soon.