As part of its global initiatives, Activ Technologies, based in Atlanta, Georgia, entered partnership terms with Munich-based Flensborg and Associates to expand reach into the EMEA region.

MUNICH/ATLANTA – 14 March 2022. Activ Technologies, an award-winning digital supply chain platform as a service (PaaS) provider, and Flensborg and Associates (FAA) announce a strategic sales relationship with FAA to expand the Activ customer base with European organizations. FAA brings significant experience and connections in the EU market to facilitate the expansion.

“Our strategic engagement with Flensborg and Associates allows us to gain first class market entry in the EMEA region,” stated Dan Creinin, Director of Channel Sales, Activ Technologies. “Flensborg and Associates impress us with their results as well as their unrivalled network. We are delighted to start this mutual venture,” he added.

Using its platform-as-a-service, ActiVate®, Activ Technologies provides real-time supply chain visibility into orders, inventory, and shipments across connected trading partners and service providers. Data connection and integration is seamless. The platform is data agnostic—legacy systems included—and it provides a library of connectors to expedite connectivity. The platform use cases or software as a service (SaaS) solution sets that are configured based on client business rules or requirements. ActiVate provides flexibility for customers to decide if they want just visibility or supply chain management or to automate supply chain and logistics decisions. Leveraging visibility allows swift adjustments for planning or early detection for better decision-making. In addition, the platform provides alerts and notifications to save time for more strategic actions.

“ActiVate is made for those ready to transform processes or ready to convert parts of their supply chain to become truly digital. ActiVate is an excellent choice to support your digital supply chain transformation journey. Since it is offered as a low-cost platform as a service, any size company can take advantage of leveraging years of functionality and experiences,” noted Jaymie Forrest, President and CEO, Activ Technologies.

By 2023 a Gartner 2021 study predicts that 50 percent of global product-centric enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility platforms, but at the same time, through 2023, less than 5 percent of control-tower-like deployments will fulfill their end-to-end potential due to mindset and cultural obstacles.*

“It has been a tough year for supply chain operators, and they need new tools to address the current challenges of doing business. End-to-end visibility is a game changer for those more progressive leaders and provides unprecedented operational benefits,” stated Anders Flensborg, Founder and CEO at Flensborg and Associates, Munich.

“While many corporations embrace the idea of digital transformation and launch in-house solutions using existing infrastructure and resources, several enterprise applications fail because of two fundamental areas —integration and visibility,” says Jaymie Forrest. “Over time, the cost of failure goes above and beyond the initial inhouse investment with no indications of improvements in operational effectiveness, no gains in efficiencies or time savings, or no realized cost reductions. Better solutions are available today to get results with a lower total cost of ownership,” she added.

The control tower functionality provided through ActiVate offers end-to-end inbound and outbound visibility as corporations and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) require real-time supply chain transparency. The ActiVate control tower can be implemented by qualified 3PLs as a white label inbound/outbound supply chain visibility solution to serve their customers. Providers and customers gain a real-time view of orders, inventory, and shipments consolidated from a variety of ERPs, order management, warehouse, or transportation systems. The control tower functionality connects multiple parties using the same network—different customers, different trading partners, different transportation companies, etc. It gives users the ability to see necessary information from a single point of view.

“This is a clever product; swift and simple to install and by doing so, reduces what is sometimes a universe of chaos to a single truth,” exclaimed Anders Flensborg. He continued, “Although an execution tool, it is really of strategic importance. We will face some early challenges in adopting this to our region such as data protection and hosting, but the important message is that here is a solution that delivers on promise with the same smartness with which we are familiar as from Apple or Tesla. Many will agree with me, when considering IT and technology developments, whether inhouse or outsourced, the very first choice is to avoid the ‘department of promises.’ At Flensborg and Associates, we are excited that we may now bring this vetted solution for an optimization on time and resources to our partners and clients across the EMEA region.”