ABP South Wales has completed a relocation deal with Puma Energy (UK) Ltd, to move the base of its Puma Bitumen business from the port of Cardiff to Newport, in order to support its growth in the UK.

Puma has successfully grown its market share in the liquid bulk sector during recent years. As part of the plan to further develop Puma’s business in South Wales, it decided to explore expansion options in the region with the support of ABP South Wales.

After a series of consultations, ABP identified Newport’s Middle Quay, South Dock as an ideal location for Puma Energy’s two floating bitumen barges.

The port of Newport was chosen as the new base for the operation as it provides additional flexibility and can accommodate larger vessels, thus providing Puma with a wider range of options to import various bitumen grades.  Newport also has sufficient facilities to support Puma’s continued growth for the foreseeable future.

Roy Brooke, General Manager, Puma Energy (UK), said: “The facilities at Newport South Dock perfectly match the business needs of Puma Energy, enabling us to keep growing our bitumen business within the UK market. By using the barges, we are able to offer our customers a wide range of bitumen products – ranging from 40/60 grade to 250/330, as well as low odour, low temperature and Wetfix solutions, as required. The location at Newport enables competitive supply of our product range to a wide range of customers. We are delighted to be working with ABP to further develop business from the Port.”

Richard Butler, Commercial Manager, ABP South Wales, said: “It has been a pleasure to work closely with the commercial and logistics team at Puma Energy.  This development shows that ABP can cater for our port customers at all stages of their development and can offer expanded services within our network to match their growth.

“Puma Energy is a global energy company operating across 48 countries and has been a valued customer of ABP in South Wales since 2015. We look forward to continuing this close relationship with one of the largest suppliers of bitumen products to the asphalt and road surfacing industries across the UK.”

ABP is commited to continually investing in services and infrastructure that help port customers grow and contribute to their local economies.