(Mr.) Jean-Loup De Reymaeker, Group Commercial Manager AMI Worldwide Ltd (East & Southern Africa Countries)

The truth is, most forwarders are afraid to do business in Africa as they always been afraid about the security of the goods, transparency in the rates and complicated customs procedures. Africa Logistics network is the link between reliable African forwarders and the rest of the world who has an interest into one of the most growing market.

ALN allow members to interact between themselves, offer security and transparency which is extremely important in a network.

(Mr.) Yawar Badat, President of Transfreight Corporation Pvt Ltd (Pakistan)

ALN was the brainchild of Mr. Alessandro Saponaro.

Transfreight is honoured to be part of the ALN family that connects Africa, an emerging market, to the rest of the World.

His hard work and dedication to ALN saw the network growing tremendously, yet keeping the members like a close knit family.

Mr. Alessandro Saponaro announced his retirement to be succeded by Mr. Marcello Saponaro.

While we will miss Mr. Alessandro Saponaro, I am sure Mr. Marcello will carry on the good work and the ALN family will cherish even more.

Alessandro, we will miss you. Marcello, wish you all the best. You have our total support.

(Ms.) Jyana Tata, General Manager Compass Ocean Logistics (Taiwan)

It is a great pleasure to be part of ALN family for over 3 years. ALN’s management team and members are actively working together to support each others businesses in this very diverse network of family and friends. ALN has offered us reliable resources to expand our business to niche markets.

(Mr.) Fred W. Owiti, Divisional Manager DARKA GROUP (East & Southern Africa Countries)

ALN is a professional body with highly reputable members that uphold the network’s policy and code of ethics. In ALN we found the right people at the right time for the right business direction.

(Mr.) Alessandro Zanin, Sales Director Logimar (Italy)

Spirit and single ALN members commitment drive high added value inside the network as well as pragmatic solution anytime. Our projects are particularly complex due to safety risk and isolated delivery location, where inadequate infrastructure over the required distance from the coast seaport. ALN give to LOGIMAR a real chance to grow the Africa market, linked with the medium sized trusted freight forwarder and logistics provider in all Africa countries.

Thanks to all ALN professional Management Team that every day offer their professional support simplifying our complex job and thanks to all our African Partner, very skilled and very experienced companies .

(Mr.) Sidi Aghou, Managing Director Afrilog (Benin and Niger)

ALN is a great network that has strong partners around the world. For us Africans and in particular Afrilog, it is an

immense opportunity that gives us an opening on the whole World. Currently we manage large contracts through this platform and we also have good prospects for 2020. This is the result of a long partnership with ALN since 2016 with a flawless loyalty.

Hüseyin Altun & Hüseyin Gökten, Altun Lojistik (Turkey)

Frankly speaking, it has not been a difficult decision to be a member of Africa Logistics Network for two main reasons:

 1.) The founder Messrs/Logimar is our long-term friend and our agent since many years and we never hesitated to step forward for any constitution with their leading. 

 2.) The great continent Africa has always been our favourite region, but, we were always tentative to co-operate with agents without any reliable reference. ALN has provided this opportunity: The trust among agencies. 

 With membership of ALN, we have managed to have trustworthy agencies and very close friends from all over the world under the safety on this valuable network. 

 The numbers of memberships are limited in each country depending on the populations. We believe this is the most effective advantage of ALN. 

 Even it has not been a decade since first establishment, our agents in ALN have become one of our main resources for sustainability of our improvements.

 We would like thank ALN management for this precious opportunity and wish good fortune for our members in the network.

(Ms.) Roberta Cippà, CEO & (Mr.) Roberto Speroni, Buyer Cippà Trasporti (Switzerland)

It seems like yesterday that we debuted as a new entry last year in Dakar! 

It has been an intense and satisfying year for our company ,that is just entering into the world and found in ALN the right key to open this door.

The associates are professional friends not only partners overseas, the atmosphere and professionalism in relationships between associates is a constant that binds us more and more to each others.

(Mr.) Jakub Morávek, Supervisor ViT Logistics (Czech Republic)

Our Company ViT Logistics s.r.o. is a new member of ALN.

We are really happy to be in this network because it covers all the Africa and it is really important for us.

From the start was everething really smooth and easy so I can write that we are 100% satisfied.

The main is that with this network our business raised and we still receiving new biz. from agent of ALN.

(Mr.) Sally Xie, Overseas Director, Ginter Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. (China)

We just joined ALN this year. 

We applied for membership in the early stage ,ALN has a strict member selection process and ALN has a very good management who are very professional and know how to do it better for each member,

Surely  all ALN members are very dedicated and professional.

Everyone is very kind, very warm-hearted, very active to help any member to deal with the difficulties, everyone is like a family,

Help each other, love each other, in a word, everything is very good, we are very lucky to be a member of ALN, thank you ALN, thank you all ALN members.

(Mr.) Anas Abu Markhieh, General Manager Target Logistic Services (Jordan)

ALN is really valuable way to expand our knowledge about other members from different countries especially Africa , members are really corporative to figure new business traffic , I am really glad to be member , our relationship with management , members become personal which reflect to our industry honesty , trust  and joy , you can find trusted and professional management /members there , I hope to keep attending all meetings to increase friendship level which will reflect business for all as well , good luck ALN.

Mr. Anooj K. R, Managing Director Dolphin Shipping & Logistics (Kuwait)

ALN is a wonderfully managed network backed by a professional team that has opened it’s doors to the possibilities of developing & working with reliable and professional forwarders; especially in Africa. We have been a loyal member for the past 4 years and intend to continue our patronage.

(Mr.) Dave Roosen, Director Sales & Projects, R&B Global Projects  (Croatia)

The ALN Network of Companies is in my professional opinion the only Network that “truly” covers the African continent with competent and trustworthy members you can rely on when dealing with challenging forwarding service needed in some remote areas !

The Management of the group is a team of really devoted people that actually build the network on a constant basis, and have reached the level of today in a very short period of only a few years !

I can definitely rely on them without even asking questions or having a doubt that enquiries will be handled at best care and fastest response time !

Please keep going full speed ahead – thanks support !

Mr. Christopher Sunjong and (Ms.) Clarisse FOUMA, Agence de Prestations Maritimes (APM) S.A. (Cameroun)

below are some good reasons being part of ALN network:

– ALN members are trusted and profesionnal partners.

– Friendly, professional and efficient communications between partners.

– Quick responses from network members, ensuring international markets, win-win partnerships and business development around the world.

– opportunities offered to network members each year through a global meeting, promoting new partnerships as well as new markets

– Protection of the interests of the members by the arbitration of the chairman and his team in case of any issue between the members

(Mr.) Alain-Bertier Luvaluka, CEO and General Manager of Atlantis Logistics Sarl (DRC)

Atlantis Logistics Sarl is a member of  AFRICA LOGISTICS NETWORK since 3 years now .

The staff is very responsive, either by phone or online, and takes excellent care of us all the way.

I can confidently recommend ALN to all companies involved in the Logistics Industry.

Zouhair Amoudi, Sales & Operation Manager Med Africa Logistics (Morocco)

Being a part of some selective freight forwarders worldwide was the best action taken by our management on the year of 2018, as Africa Logistics Network with its members are a big family fully engaged to help each other, overseen by the ALN management team.

ALN has opened for us the opportunity to realize our main focus in developing our activity into African Market,

Projects handled with members:

1- E-commerce project handled by the great team of HKG member (Global Cargo Far East LTD) to Casablanca since Oct 2018. We’ve started with 5000 parcels per month, now we’ve reached 70.000 parcels monthly, and hope to close the year at 100.000. The deal was concluded during the 4th ALN meeting in Dakar.

2- Special agreement concluded with Miami / US member (ASENCOEX LLC) to implement an express courier service between Morocco and USA.

3- Regular medicines shipments are handled with ALN members on DDP basis to all west African countries.

Mireks Shipping (Bulgaria)

We, Mireks Shipping LTD, are part of the Africa Logistics Network since 3 years.

During this time we have been able to work with a large number of agents who always provide us with incredible support and are always matched with exceptional professionalism and commitment.

We know that we can always count on everyone involved in the network and together we can manage to resolve any obstacles that may arise.

For everyone in the ALN, the word “impossible” is never an option!

We are grateful to the network management for the fact that it has selected and continues to select incredible professionals, and above all, people who are always ready to listen, support and make things happen.

Together we rise!