Ewals Cargo Care has been operating in the UK for over 30 years and on the continent for over 100. However, many in the UK logistics industry have yet to be made aware of them, but, with their ongoing growth and recent expansion, now is a great time to learn more about this industry stalwart.

A proud history of 100 years of logistics

 In 1906, Alfons Ewals founded the company with a horse, a cart, and much ambition. Over a century later, the 4th Ewals generation proudly carries on his legacy in our family company. 

As their website states, Ewals Cargo Care, whose head office is based in the Netherlands, was founded over 100 years ago and has now grown to operate 3,800 trailers, which transport 2,750 loads daily via the modalities of road, rail & short-sea. These are moved inter-country across the entire breadth of Europe via their own Multimodal network, including the regions of Iberia, Nordics, Eastern Europe, and parts of the Balkans. The company itself has grown to employ over 2,000 people across 14 countries and 30 locations, ensuring local expertise is always available to operate their cross-border multimodal logistics network.

Ongoing fleet expansion in 2023 as demand rises

Due to continuing demand, 2023 sees ECC increasing its capacity from 550 trucks to 685 in total. It will be a total purchase of 260 new trucks, some of which will update the current fleet, and the remainder will be used to grow it. These additional trucks will help pull their 3800 trailers, the number of which also grew in 2022 by 980, an increase of over 25%. 

The new trucks will be a minimum of Euro VI, continuing the creation of an eco-friendly fleet as part of its ongoing drive to be a low-emissions multimodal provider. In addition, for the most optimal driver comfort, all trucks will be equipped with stand-alone air-conditioning and have the greatest possible cabin size, with the company taking its responsibilities to employee welfare very seriously.  

New offices for UK operations as headcount doubles

While the company has grown its network across Greater Europe, in the UK specifically, it has seen significant demand for its services in the wake of Brexit and the changing face of commerce in the region. In 2020, the UK branch comprised 42 employees; in 2023, the staff count is approaching 70, an increase close to doubling the workforce.

In preparation for this increase it was clear it was time for new offices and, after careful selection, the move was made at the beginning of 2023. The new offices are almost 50% bigger and are designed to foster a strong team atmosphere amongst the staff, with open-plan workspaces and break-out communal areas added to the layout. In addition, the new premises come equipped with multiple spaces for meetings, training, and quiet work.

A dedicated Ireland division to service demand

While growth in the UK has been exceptional, the company has seen a similar increase in demand for its multimodal network services in the country of Ireland, with the growth warranting the creation of a dedicated division within the new staffing structure to service the many new clients who have come on-board with the company.  

With daily departures from critical ports in the region and established rail routes on the continent, ECC’s multimodal network can offer Irish businesses fast, reliable, and affordable cargo transport to almost anywhere in Greater Europe. 

What’s next for Ewals Cargo Care?

With such a rapid expansion, one might believe the company would be tempted to rest on its laurels for a time before it starts its next phase of growth, but Alex Ruffle, UK & IRE Country Manager, tells us otherwise: 

 Our growth over the last few years has been exceptional, both as a company and here in the UK & Ireland, but the team has handled that growth amazingly, and we’ve been ahead of the curve every step of the way. This means we’re ready for more now, and with the expansion of the fleet this year, we continue to have the capacity to meet the region’s demand for our services. As for specific initiatives, we are looking closely at sustainability. This is an area that clients are increasingly interested in. Our multimodal network can already help them save up to 60% on CO2 emissions but we can offer more, such as HVO fuel, and recently started trialling an Electric Vehicle.   

Source: ewals cargo care